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Oct 30, 2023

Today we're continuing our series on “Reinventing the Chief Marketing Officer,” with our very special guest, Timothy Brown, chief communications and marketing officer for Stony Brook Medicine in Stony Brook, New York. Stony Brook Medicine consists of four hospitals and an ambulatory network of 216 facilities, including the university's six health science colleges and programs in the New York region. 

Timothy directs the marketing and communication programs that create a fusion of brand, image, clinical, and research accomplishments. He oversees media relations programs and internal communications for over 14,000 employees.

On today’s show, Timothy shares his ideas for advancing healthcare marketing through content, convenience, community outreach, and more. He discusses how healthcare marketing can evolve by using data to shape consumer journeys, how to keep pace with changing consumer expectations, competing with well-heeled competitors, and other lessons learned from his leadership roles at major academic medical centers. 

Moderating today's show is Gary Druckenmiller Jr., general manager of CRM at Innovaccer. Some of the specific topics Gary and Timothy drill into are:

  • How the healthcare CMO’s role has changed since the pandemic—and why it keeps evolving
  • Developing a unified health system brand and why that matters
  • How to use data and precision targeting to boost marketing ROI
  • Methods Stony Brook is using or considering for driving consumer growth
  • Improving patient experience through digital tools and convenience
  • The consumer appeal and organizational challenges of “open physician scheduling”
  • Managing patient journeys across the care continuum
  • Engaging patient populations by aligning messaging to diverse communities and demographics
  • Examples of impactful community outreach
  • The most important marketing initiative Stony Brook is working on right now
  • A secret to marketing success: Partnering across the organization for insights and shared goals
  • How healthcare CRM will progress in the next 5 years: What’s new, what’s needed, what’s next
  • The one thing about healthcare that Timothy would change

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