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Mar 14, 2024


Continuing our Reinventing the CMO podcast series, we bring to you the latest edition featuring Don Stanziano, SVP, chief marketing and communications officer, and digital engagement leader at Geisinger. He is responsible for marketing, communications, digital engagement vision, and strategy.

He is a...

Oct 30, 2023

Today we're continuing our series on “Reinventing the Chief Marketing Officer,” with our very special guest, Timothy Brown, chief communications and marketing officer for Stony Brook Medicine in Stony Brook, New York. Stony Brook Medicine consists of four hospitals and an ambulatory network of 216 facilities,...

Jul 21, 2023

In healthcare, the acronym “CMO” most often refers to a Chief Medical Officer, and rightly so. But another variety of CMO, the Chief Marketing Officer, is found in just about every industry––including healthcare. And today, the role of the healthcare CMO is evolving quickly. 

In post-pandemic America, marketing...

Mar 29, 2023

Today's show brings together Lisa Williams, Senior Director of Growth and Loyalty at Peace Health, and Gary Druckenmiller, General Manager of Consumer and CRM at Innovaccer, to discuss the topic of "growth versus loyalty" in healthcare. They delve into the impact of healthcare consumerism on people and communities, and...

Nov 12, 2022

When seeing our provider, how often have we felt like number 32 at the deli counter?

Customer relationship management (CRM) is used throughout healthcare, but the solutions are often limited by merchant-centric design, add-on solutions from EHRs lacking a 360-degree view of the patient, and a lack of data readiness