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Mar 14, 2024


Continuing our Reinventing the CMO podcast series, we bring to you the latest edition featuring Don Stanziano, SVP, chief marketing and communications officer, and digital engagement leader at Geisinger. He is responsible for marketing, communications, digital engagement vision, and strategy.

He is a transformative industry leader who has built strong teams that have had a positive impact on healthcare and marketing. He is a firm believer in putting the customer first in marketing and authenticity in communications striving to innovate while getting the basics right by delivering the right message to the right customer at the right time.

On today’s edition the moderator is Gary Druckenmiller Jr., general manager, experience, at Innovaccer. Don shares insight on his journey exploring healthcare and marketing and reimagining marketing initiatives at Geisinger. He discusses the ever-evolving role of a CMO through financial management, growth marketing, health equity, value-based care, and data management. Some of the topics Don and Gary drill into include:

  • The classic marketing CRM is moving more towards enterprise experience. What is the evolution and difference between the two?

  • The critical nature of data management to ensure top-line experiences. What does this look like in the next five years as health system departments begin to consolidate and work more closely together?

  • The CMO role is evolving. What are some suggestions on how a CMO can work better across business lines with peers like the CSO, CDO, and CIO?

  • Navigating through the business is like walking on a tightrope—a constant balancing act. What strategies should be considered to strike the right balance between marketing initiatives and aligning business objectives for customer growth and EBITA?

  • The ripple effect of acquisitions: How does this affect the CMO and impact marketing or digital strategies? Are there effective ways to navigate and capitalize on these transitions?

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