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Mar 29, 2023

Today's show brings together Lisa Williams, Senior Director of Growth and Loyalty at Peace Health, and Gary Druckenmiller, General Manager of Consumer and CRM at Innovaccer, to discuss the topic of "growth versus loyalty" in healthcare. They delve into the impact of healthcare consumerism on people and communities, and share a framework for a full end-to-end journey in healthcare.
They also touch upon classic marketing aspects often ignored or misunderstood in healthcare, such as the importance of similar clinic and storefront names, the need for different departments to work closely together on the patient experience, and prioritizing patient experience goals across departments.
Today's show is packed with great take-aways on the world of healthcare consumerism and engagement; the importance of balancing growth and loyalty when providing effective care, and the role of digital tools, patient engagement, and community involvement in improving healthcare outcomes.
Here are some of the many points Gary and Lisa discuss:
  • Setting the stage on "growth versus loyalty"
  • Healthcare consumerism and its changing impact on people and communities
  • Establishing a framework for a full end-to-end journey in healthcare
  • Pain and suffering in healthcare scheduling
  • The importance of similar names and storefronts and clinics
  • Garbage in, garbage out sentiment in the work of health systems
  • Consumer acquisition and its impact on health systems
  • Methods to alleviate workforce shortages and staff displacement
  • Prioritizing goals and aligning priorities across departments
  • The challenge of achieving a commonality of goals
  • How different departments can work more closely together
  • Patient experience's influence on retention
  • Feedback and improving patient experience
  • Strategic business development goals and profitability in healthcare
  • Understanding diverse perspectives on telehealth and online scheduling
  • Metrics for success in healthcare
  • Providing a cohesive and intuitive patient journey
  • Digital front doors: where they work, where they fail
  • Social media and privatized healthcare media
  • Health equity's connection to patient engagement
  • Younger doctors as advocates for digital tools
  • Building patient trust in providers and programs
  • Technology and data failures in healthcare
  • Creating effective content and data for patients
  • Measuring success and failures, and what metrics matter
  • How to test marketing systems in healthcare
  • The idea of secret patients in healthcare

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