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Mar 28, 2022

Burnout. It’s a national epidemic that’s wearing down physicians and nurses, fueling the staffing crisis, and by extension, reducing care quality and degrading the patient experience. The pandemic isn’t the only factor. Clinicians across the country cite EHR documentation and other administrative work as a major burnout driver.

The need to lighten the load and bring back the joy of practice is the mantra for Jallel Harrati, SVP of sales and marketing at Suki. Their transformational solutions use the power of voice and the latest AI technologies to increase patient facetime, reduce burnout, and rejuvenate the joy of practice for physicians.

On today’s show, Jallel and host Charu Madan, Innovaccer’s VP of partnerships and alliances, unpack the burnout crisis and discuss:

  • Why every aspect of healthcare IT applications must be at the service of doctors
  • “The platform effect” on reducing physician burnout
  • Macro trends driving transformation and change 
  • True story: Why “failing doctors” are hugging Jallel 
  • 45 minutes to rekindling the joy of medicine 
  • Giving clinical documentation a haircut
  • Can the pandemic really have a silver lining?
  • Inside the Suki-Innovaccer partnership
  • The #1 problem to fix in healthcare

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