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Nov 15, 2021

Seth Joseph's two-part article, "The EHR Is Dead, Long Live The EHR Platform," caused a stir when it was published by Forbes. Seth makes the case that the nation’s embrace of EHRs has failed to meet expectations, including improving care coordination, reducing overutilization and waste, enhancing patient safety, and more. On today's show, Sean Hogan interviews Seth to discuss the current and future state of the EHR; the need for information liquidity to enable holistic clinical insights and care delivery; and the role of innovation, platforms, and "network effects" to help providers transform and drive better clinical, financial, and operational outcomes.

Seth Joseph is managing director of Summit Health, a strategy consultancy focused on digital health. Seth's articles have appeared in Health Affairs, JAMIA, AJMC, and other publications. Sean Hogan is general manager at Innovaccer.

They cover:

  • Industry reaction to the article
  • Why the EHR is dead and the EHR platform is next
  • The connection between "Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel" and the EHR
  • How existing business models are holding healthcare back
  • The EHR's connection to legacy business models
  • Going beyond billing and coding to foster digital health transformation
  • The link between data fluidity, innovation, and the pace of change
  • Why platforms matter in healthcare today
  • Identifying characteristics of a true healthcare platform
  • The network effect: Collaboration in the pursuit of value for patients
  • Questions to ask every EHR or technology partner
  • Addressing partnering challenges in an era of rapid change

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