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Jan 12, 2023

When you think of “informatics,” what do you see? Data centers, high speed connections, data and analytics platforms, AI, ML, and NLP?

If so, here’s a surprise: the roots of nursing informatics go back to the 1850’s, where Florence Nightingale captured and used data in efforts to improve sanitation that impacted medical protocols in military hospitals.  

Today, nursing informatics is among the mission critical roles in healthcare. Its leaders are accountable for many challenges and needs including clinical team workflow, staffing and retention, supply chain, informatics solution development and implementation (now with IT, of course), digital transformation and analytics. And increasingly, they have a leadership seat at the executive table.

In fact, given where healthcare is at today, nursing informatics leaders are among those at the epicenter of healthcare’s greatest challenges. How are they handling nursing shortages? What data and digital transformation investments are they focused on? How are informatics impacting health equity and patient experience? Which metrics have become most important to meet?

To answer those questions and more, we’re privileged to enjoy a candid conversation with Brian Norris, Vice President and CNIO at Indiana University Health, and a top, well-cited nursing informatics leader. Podcast host Steve Ambrose covered these topics and more with Brian:

  • The role CNIOs play in digital transformation efforts in provider organizations
  • The three biggest challenges Brian sees facing healthcare in 2023
  • What technology must intersect to help alleviate the nursing staffing crisis
  • A virtual nurse that can handle up to 40% of all hospital admissions
  • How to pick the right metrics to ensure informatics is supporting the consumerism trend
  • How IU Health’s digital transformation is improving health equity and the use SDoH
  • The single biggest mistake in thinking around metrics and measurements
  • IU Health’s unusual informatics and investment strategy

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