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Dec 22, 2021

A “fireside chat” with Innovaccer CEO Abhinav Shashank and Mubadala Capital’s Alaa Halawa

In December, we announced a $150 million Series E round at a $3.2 billion valuation, led by Mubadala Capital. Existing investors include B Capital Group, Microsoft’s M12 fund, OMERS Growth Equity, Steadview Capital, Tiger Global Management; and new investors Whalerock Capital, Avidity Partners, and Schonfeld Strategic Advisors.

What is it about Innovaccer, our Health Cloud and data platform, that’s generating immense interest among the investment community, not to mention providers, payers, and life sciences companies in the healthcare marketplace? Just ask Alaa Halawa, Partner and Head of the US Ventures business at Mubadala Capital, who led this Series E round.

He sat down with Innovaccer’s CEO Abhinav Shashank to talk about the company, Abhinav’s personal journey and background, and the transformative potential of the Innovaccer Health Cloud for accelerating healthcare innovation.

Alaa first met Abhinav in 2019 and was inspired by his vision to build a company that seamlessly integrates all the data silos in a healthcare ecosystem and unlocks data’s potential for building innovative applications—all with an eye to make the healthcare system more efficient and effective at improving patient lives.

Here’s what they cover in this video one-on-one:

  • Abhinav’s journey from college student to healthcare IT icon
  • Innovaccer’s journey from startup to healthcare cloud computing leader
  • The historic lack of progress in healthcare data integration, and why today is different
  • Creating a common platform for healthcare
  • Why a health cloud is transformational for healthcare
  • Comparing “plug & play” data integration vs. a services/consulting model
  • Geeky moment: the standard entity model vs. old school data warehousing
  • The perils of transactional healthcare
  • A new vision of the patient
  • Changing care delivery models and consumerization outpacing IT’s ability to support them
  • How COVID-19 exposed healthcare’s fragile IT architecture
  • 50 customers and counting
  • Outcomes customers on the Innovaccer Health Cloud platform are seeing today
  • The impact of the unified patient record
  • What the future holds for Innovaccer

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