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May 12, 2023

It's best to let some things marinate. And so it is with HIMSS, the year's largest healthcare IT trade show. Many folks are quick to draw conclusions about what they heard and learned, but given the size and scope of the annual exhibition—35,000 attendees this year (close to 2019's 40,000 record) and nearly 1,600 sessions and exhibits—maybe it's wise to wait a little while and let that information sink in, and give our minds some time to process it before drawing conclusions or taking actions.

It's in that spirit that we bring you several members of our CMO (Chief Medical Officer) team, including our CMO himself, Dr. David Nace, in a lively roundtable discussion that takes a look back at HIMSS23, digests the team's key take-aways, shares some trend spotting and action items, and then looks ahead to where healthcare might (or can!) be by the time we all meet again at HIMSS24.

There's even one moment of stunned silence in response to a provocative observation shared by one of the panelists. What's your opinion? Share it on our LinkedIn page.

Joining Dr. Nace for this latest CMOcast are Dr. Anil Jain, Innovaccer's chief innovation officer; Mike Sutten, Innovaccer's chief technology officer; and Rich Levin, our host for today's show.

Here are some highlights of what they discussed, but there's lots more ground covered, so be sure to tune in!

  • AI everywhere: Massive buzz around generative AI in healthcare
  • Does healthcare need standards and regulations for AI
  • Updates to existing regulations to account for the use of AI
  • Balancing regulations and standards with free-market innovation
  • Attendee expectations: Pressure to deliver new and innovative solutions with rapid ROI
  • A shift in conversations from conceptual discussions to implementation
  • Big trends in healthcare IT, such as retailization, financial pressures, and smart hospitals
  • The state of electronic health records (EHR) in 2023
  • Closing the EHR's gaps that EHR vendor’s can’t or won’t close
  • The challenge of legacy code in EHRs
  • The real causes of burnout and how IT can help
  • Solving the interoperability problem by integrating with EHRs' clinical workflows
  • Getting the right information to the right person at the right time in the EHR workflow
  • How to ensure physician adoption and good experiences with new HIT
  • Using "query understanding" AI to bridge the gap between analytics systems and end-users
  • Reducing the burden on staffing levels to support analytic requirements
  • A new approach to enterprise customer relationship management (CRM) in healthcare
  • Unifying CRM and pophealth data to ensure a successful healthcare journey
  • How to influence patient behavior to promote a healthier lifestyle
  • Reflections on the lack of diversity and inclusion in the health tech industry
  • The need for greater regulatory clarity around state privacy

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