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Mar 3, 2022

Sriram (Sri) Bharadwaj has an unconventional view about digital transformation. It’s more about the transformation and less about the digital.

As VP of digital innovation at Franciscan Alliance, Bharadwaj notes that healthcare IT largely equates "digital" with the EHR. He says health systems must understand that transformation goes beyond the technology: it's about transforming the workflows, and transforming access to information and experiences for patients, providers, and all care stakeholders.

It's about the people.

On today’s show, Dr. Anil Jain speaks with Sri Bharadwaj to find out how his health system is moving beyond the EHR to drive transformation that fundamentally changes how care teams collaborate, how patients engage with the health system, and how quality care is delivered and measured.

They discuss:

  • Why true transformation goes beyond digitizing and sharing information
  • Two ways the pandemic catalyzed the digital transformation
  • Why EHRs aren't the Swiss Army knives of digital transformation
  • How to educate patients and staff to promote adoption
  • Why workflow transformation should be front and center
  • How the digital divide threatens progress and health equity
  • Keeping patients at the center
  • Getting physicians and staff in lockstep
  • Managing expectations and aligning stakeholders through change management
  • Mitigating the impact of the great resignation on talent and transformation

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